We’re a team of brand-building experts

Our team have an excellent understanding of both the Food & Drink industry and the categories in which we operate, combined with a wealth of experience managing and growing brands for our clients on a local and international scale.

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We have strong relationships across the Food & Drink industry

We have also built and maintained excellent relationships with key trade contacts within UK retail, allowing us to maximise sales for the brands we represent. Through our international distribution partners, we can also deliver targeted and sustainable expansion propositions for those brands globally.

We’re smart and agile, embracing and responding to trends and constantly evolving consumer needs by delivering tailored solutions that bring commercial success to the brands we represent in our fast-changing, national and international markets.

Over the years, we have developed strong partnerships with our clients by sharing the passion and ambition for the success of their brands.

Meet some of Our Team

We’ve got an extensive team of brand experts ready to work on your brand, no matter what the challenge is; but here is our client facing team and the people you’ll most likely get to speak to and meet.

Our Values

As a business and as people, the way we work is inspired by four core values.


We never stand still. In our minds, the only thing ‘achieved’ by standing still is giving competition the chance to catch up. As one of the industry’s most imaginative brand management specialists, we’re characterised by constant change, energised by a desire to think, behave and do things differently, but always to the benefit of our clients and their brands.


From the day we started, our reason to be has been defined by a desire to challenge convention, to not allow ourselves to be submerged in the status quo and to always choose the right path (even when it’s the hardest) for the brands we take real pride in representing.


Because we have a singular passion for what we do, we’re able to make a positive difference to what our clients do and the performance of the brands we represent. We have a clear vision as to who we are, what we do, why and how we do it. We know we can deliver against the tough challenges, ask and find answers to the tough questions. And, because we do what we do well, we give ourselves and our clients one more reason to be, and stay, positive.


Whilst we’re smart and agile enough to embrace, and respond to, the need for rapid change, we never lose sight of the commercial objectives of the brands we represent. Indeed, our own reputation and commercial success are ultimately driven by the success of the brands whose fortunes we transform.

Hill House,
41 Richmond Hill,
Dorset, BH2 6HS

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Go2Grocery is part of Ceuta Group which is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 2974951. Registered office: Hill House, 41 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH2 6HS.

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